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Because Jesus is Hurting Too by juhfreak

Self harm help for Christian people ❤

This Comic Tells You Why It's So Difficult For A Depressed Person To Seek Help (By DeluCat) - 9GAG

It's not because they want attention, it's because they want help but you deny them.

El Largo de los Collares

Handy chart for necklace lengths, if you still use inches remember inches.

Fire soul by ChristinaMandy on DeviantArt

I know, the title is.lame anyway.I hope you like my illustration Mixed media: colored pencils, watercolor, and colored fineliners, on paper!

fox tattoo by NikaSamarina - 1st session 4,5h

Beautiful tattoo by Nika Samarina


Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. A male fox and his playful month-old cub! Photography by Igor Shpilenok, in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Kamchatka, a remote peninsula in the Russian far east.

Zorro rojo                                                                                           Más

beautiful-wildlife: European Fox (Vulpes vulpes) by Foto Foosa

small city boy

Writers use a semi colon to keep the story going; do this with your life. You can either use a full stop and give up or you can put in a semi colon and keep going♡

sometimes I wanna not exist, I don't wanna die and I'm not suicidal I just want to not exist

Or maybe just disappear in a place where no people lives like a beautiful Forest

it dosnt feel right that I feel like this bevause it changes so much is this normal?xxx (ignore the call me bit)xxx