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a blue and black butterfly sitting on top of a human head with the words, we better fly
Juxtapoz Magazine - Isabelle Dalle's Digital Anatomical Portraits
a black skull shaped diffuser next to a box
Skull Fragrance Diffuser #homedecoraccessories
a person holding a wine glass in front of a skull shaped bottle and glasses on a counter
three different images of the same person's head, one is made out of words
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Lampara skull
five skulls lined up on a shelf in front of a white door, all with different colors and sizes
This is just the coolest thing ever! Completely relates to Hamlet and is fashionable at the same time.
"Electronicos" ~~Rosario Contreras~~ Gadgets, Urban Uutfitters, Punk, Geek Stuff, Cool Gadgets, Tech
"Electronicos" ~~Rosario Contreras~~
two heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates on top of a white fur covered floor
black candles with skulls on them are arranged in the shape of an individual head and one candle is lit
skull candles
there are three vases with flowers in them on the table next to each other
Security Check Required
Cabinet de curiosité (oeuvres de Jean-Pierre et Anne Laurenté)
there are two skulls with horns and butterflies on top of each skull, one has a butterfly on its head