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a poster with the words virgo written in different languages on it's side
Here’s peek inside our heads
a drawing of a heart with the words you make my cardiac muscle pump blood through my visual system really quickly
carboanion on X
a poster with an image of a woman dancing
a coffee cup with a face holding a flag and the words taza de mortaldad
Imágenes sobre el uso del lenguaje literal Parte 1
a cartoon sun wearing sunglasses with the words lenttes de sol in front of it
Mexican Humor, Sarcasmo, Geek Stuff, Spanish Jokes
¿Necesitas una dosis de diversión? Este humor gráfico te pondrá de buenas de manera instantánea
a man sitting on top of a wooden bench with the words me sento mal
Divertidos dibujos que reflejan el doble sentido de las palabras
a drawing of a man hugging a woman with a fork in his hand and the words un arrao contemotor written on it
4DGinmuebles on Twitter
two heads with ear phones attached to them, one has a thought bubble above it
Expired - domain expired
a poster with the words do i say hi? and an image of a person's name
Knock Knock Funny Flowcharts to Help You Make the Right (Irreverent) Decisions
a piece of paper with writing on it that says i said the wrong words, but i pronounced them correctly
personal message
Shit Happens, It Hurts, Messages
Library (1704,1705,1706,1707)