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an orange and black drawing of a dog running across a field with trees in the background
Ian MacCulloch
a painting of a butterfly with orange and yellow colors on it's wings, against a red background
Bethany - Mon. 2/27 at 7pm at Bethany Public House, Portland, OR, US | Yaymaker
a painting of a clown with balloons and a drum in his hand, on a black background
Drumming Clown
an intricately designed bird is shown on the wall
chandra rawal's peacock mural.
a painting of some houses by the water
Fabinonzoli, La crêperie de Will Plus
a painting of a tree with houses in the background
Patterns naif nei dipinti folk di karla gerard - Paperblog
SomeKindOfWonderful1 by karlagerard, via Flickr..her work is beautiful, I believe she sell patterns
a drawing of a woman holding a baby in her arms with stars on the background
Castor & Pollux Ltd
Flying baby, limited edition lino cut by Anita Klein. Anita is a painter and printmaker who sensitively and often a bit cheekily (!) illustrates the everyday life of her and her family through her prints.
paper cut outs and crafting supplies are laid out on a table
Andrea Lauren / Ink Print Repeat
Squirrel : Andrea Lauren
a person is using a paint roller to decorate a cat on the cardboard with neon green lettering
two pictures with different types of paper cut outs
two different paintings one is green and the other is red with blue, yellow and white colors
a woman is working on an art project
Proceso Elefante / Un guisante
Serigrafía Artística Emao: Proceso Elefante / Un guisante