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Cake etiquette for moist cakes
In the etiquette world, cakes can be a tricky topic. The correct etiquette changes depending on the type and texture of the cake. For dry cakes (e.g. a pound cake), one should tear it into pieces and eat with fingers. For moist cakes (pudding, ice cream cake or any cake with a runny texture), the spoon is the main utensil accompanied by a fork that only assists to push the cake onto the spoon. If a dessert fork is available, it can be used alone 🙂✨
the different types of food and drinks in spanish
three wine glasses with different types of wine in them, and the names of their wines
a table with plates and silverware on it, labeled in different languages for each place setting
a facebook page with different types of utensils and spoons in spanish on it
Idioma del plato