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the words in spanish are written with pictures of food and things to eat on them
Palabras POLISÉMICAS y HOMÓNIMAS en español
Palabras POLISÉMICAS en español 🇪🇸 . #léxicoespañol #aprenderespañol #español #estudiarespañol #españolparaextranjeros #cursodeespañol #profesorespañol #spagnolo #spanish
the spanish language is displayed in this screenshote, which includes two different languages
Learn Portuguese - In only 17 minutes per day. Full language course.
Learn Portuguese with 17 minute languages.
the spanish words are in different languages
Em espanhol j como lh
the words in spanish are written on a white background with an image of a suitcase
La Ropa En Español 5DA
a green poster with the words vocabulario written in black on it
Palabras clave para aprender portugués
#Vocabulario #portugués.
a black and white poster with different types of people in spanish language, including the names of
A Rotina Diária
the 12 phrases in portuguese for beginners to use on their computer or tablet computers
12 Phrases in Portuguese
the spanish language list is shown in red
the words are in spanish and english on white paper with black writing, which is also written
Frases em espanhol.
spanish words are arranged in the form of a line on a blue background with white lettering
Meses del año
Meses del año
the names of different languages in spanish
Días de la Semana