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an old parchment style poster with the words nine noble virtudes written in it
"Nine Noble Virtues" Poster for Sale by Lara Freeborn
The Nine Noble Virtues. / These are a set of moral and situational ethical guidelines followed within most sects of Odinism and Asatru. However, they are ideals shared by many spiritual paths, worldwide. / Nicely brought together in a fitting theme for not just Pagans, but for anyone sharing the same views. • Also buy this artwork on wall prints, stickers, and stationery.
10 Commandments, Wicca Witchcraft, Ten Commandments, Wiccan Spells, E Mc2, Spells Witchcraft, Back To Nature
Gaia our "Mother Earth"
a poem written in black and white with an image of the cross on it's side
The Frozen Oak
The old gods are returning via The Frozen Oak
an advertisement for hephaestus, which is printed in black and white on parchment paper
Hephaestus is the Greek God of the forge, and the patron of inventors, sculptures, and metal smiths. Unlike the other gods of the Greek Pantheon, he was depicted as lame, but the things he fashioned f
an egyptian cat is depicted in this painting
The Art | ravynnephelan
Ravynne Phelan - Sekhmet
an image of the zodiac sign for liscus, goddess aset lady of earth, heaven & the underworld
Isis (Aset), of the Earth, Heavens and the Underworld Egyptian Incense sticks
Isis (Aset), of the Earth, Heavens and the Underworld Egyptian Incense sticks
an image of a man holding a bow and arrow in his hand with the words, the songs of my ancestors have not faded into time i still sing them in this heathen heart
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