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an open drawer with cosmetics and other items in it on top of a white table
an open drawer with cosmetics, candles and a book on it that says for your self
nightstand preppy 🪞
#preppy, #inspo, #nightstand, #bedroom, etc. 💌
a white dresser topped with lots of pink flowers and makeup items next to a mirror
Desk with pink book, candle and lamp Instagram, Design, Ale, Rom, Dekorasyon, Kamar Tidur
Pink aesthetic candle 🕯️
pink flowers and books are sitting on a table next to two mugs with coffee in them
a vase filled with pink tulips sitting on top of a table next to other items
the shelves are filled with various items such as a mirror ball, pink vase and candle
Room decor 🌷☁️✨
#aesthetic #preppy #disco #roomdecorideas #decor #glossier