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a brown dog sitting on top of a black background
a painting of a cow with blue wings on it's face and chest, in front of a blue background
“ DIVERTIMENTO” Trabajando el remate del “ Exorcismo a un falso amor demasiado largo ”, me encontré con que tenía mucha pintura sobrante. Acostumbro a relajar la tensión de la concentración sobre un cuadro desconectando con un motivo alejado o chistoso, necesidad ésta que he venido a llamar “divertimentos” y que aquí tiene el aspecto de una vaca tímida y vergonzosa.] AÑO: 2.007. TÉCNICA: Acrílico y carboncillo. TAMAÑO Y TIPO DE SOPORTE: 90 X 120 cms., sobre DM.
an open book sitting on top of a red table
Brown Aesthetic Moodboard
a spiral notebook with an orange and yellow design on the cover that says, kind
Yellow aestetic
there is a book with pictures on it and the words you are beautiful written in cursive writing
someone holding up a card with images of hearts and flowers on it that says, believe you can do it
Aesthetic painting
the green stickers have been placed on top of each other, and there is a heart in the center
Asthetic paintings
a drawing of a woman holding a knife in her hand and looking at the camera