Trabajar 84 p.b. alrededor de la anilla (múltiplo de 6), cerrar con p.e.; 3 p.cad., 83 p.a., cerrar con p.e. en el 3er p.cad.; *saltar 2 ptos., 7 p.a. en el pto. siguiente, saltar 2 ptos, p.e. en el siguiente pto.* (rep.); (anilla) trabajar 15 p.cad. y cerrar con p.e. 84 sc around the ring (multiple of 6), Sl st to 1st sc to close the ring;ch3, work 83 dc, Sl st to 3rd of ch3;*skip 2 dc, dc7tog in next dc, skip 2 dc, Sl st in next dc* (rep); (ring) work ch15, Sl st to 1st ch to close the…

Free pattern for creating these crochet frames; will need translation, but plenty of step by step images! Pretty way to make fridge frames just add magnet

This adorable crochet heart and aqua rose it's perfect to decorate any bedroom, bathroom or as a gift.

Free DIY Crochet Heart And Aqua Rose cure key chains or "purse ornaments" to clip to the handle or zipper

#Crochet cute photo frame . Free pattern -->

You will love this Crochet Photo Frame Free Pattern Ideas post and we have some great ideas that you won't be able to wait to make.

MARCOS DE GANCHILLO (Los amigurumis)

MARCOS DE GANCHILLO (Los amigurumis)

Crochet over a picture frame. I loves this! I would use it for an embroidery hoop frame. Then stitch over.