huerta en casa con botellas recicladas de pet

Cut window in the bottle. Cut hole in the bottom of bottle just large enough for the top of another bottle to fit into. Screw lid back on to hold together.


DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden DIY Hanging Gutter Garden - tutorial - great for apartments, patios, small spaces

Toilet roll seed starters - and easy DIY and part of the best and worst seed starting containers to make

Seed Starting Containers: The Real Dirt - Part 1

DIY instructions plus the pros and cons of making seed starting pots from toilet tissue rolls, newspaper, paper pulp, egg cartons, and more.

PASO A PASO para realizar Macetas con botellas recicladas:

These are great diy hanging planters not to mention its a great way to reuse soda bottles instead of dumping them in the local landfill

Huerta en la terraza hecha en botellones plásticos. El plástico de las botellas pet puede tardar hasta 1000 años en degradarse.

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Buena idea para regadores ecologicos, y los podemos hacer en casa, con un abotella, manguera y un poco de ingenio.

redneck water sprinkler - add a bottle cap to the male end of a water hose, then screw on a bottle with holes punched in it. My guess is that you'd want to control the water pressure with a shut-off valve and use a pretty sturdy bottle.