Embroidery - pretty simplicity

My 'busy daisies' which are not lazy as they work quickly to cover fabric. They are stitched with lazy daisy stitch and French knots, and are inspired by the most common-or-garden flower to be found on vintage hand-embroidered tablecloths.

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French knot center, lazy daisy petals, satin stitch leaf with backstitch outline, open chain stem closely worked. Beautiful and original combination of stitches! A whole sampler in one flower.

fleurettes blanches

White flowers with lots of dimension and texture. Really noticeable on the tan fabric. The Floss Box: Little White Flowers


Shows how very simple stitches - Straight Stitch and French Knots - can be used effectively :)

Hand embroidery Greeting Card by Peacockbox on DeviantArt

this image is free for eveyone. just refer to my work as [link] this image is free for eveyone. just refer to my work as [link] Hand embroidery Greeting Card

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