Cómo hacer cake pops

Cake pops: 7 ideas fáciles y originales

Learn How to Make Red Velvet Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops by Grande Grande Grande Grande {Hot Polka Dot}. Not red velvet though

Recetas de postres!

12 Dessert Shooter Recipes

Desserts in a shot glass are cute and classy, and dessert shooters are more fun than full-sized treats. These dessert shooter recipes will wow your guests!

Fácil receta de churros mexicanos con fotos paso a paso que se acompañan con una salsa de chocolate. Un delicioso postre o merienda, perfecto para acompañar con un café, atole o té.

Churros con salsa de chocolate

Pizca de Sabor :: Recetas de Cocina-- Now I know how to make Churros and chocolate sauce!

DIY Balloon Chocolate Bowls - Originales cuencos de chocolate

Originales cuencos de chocolate

Chocolate bowls are amazing for party directions or making the kids happy. Here is how to make a DIY Chocolate Bowl. A fun activity with yummy results!

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7 postres divertidos que no querrás perderte

OREO POPS The only thing better than an Oreo cookie is a chocolate covered Oreo. The only thing better than a chocolate covered Oreo is a chocolate covered

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7 postres divertidos que no querrás perderte

Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar: Grape Caterpillar Kebobs with chocolate chip eyes held with icing

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7 postres divertidos que no querrás perderte

"The party (or at least the second-birthday, all-dessert party) drink of champions, milk, was served in sprinkle-rimmed cups," Kirstin says. Colorful striped and dotted straws from Target completed the look.