Amazing body art, this is probably a new bride in India. I find inspiration from the traditions of a variety of cultures in this world in any age.

Lone Star Beer: the National Beer of Texas.

Lone Star Beer, the National beer of Texas. - A pin-up illustration of a rodeo girl. - Board "Art-Beer,Biere,Cerveza, and Women - Vintage Advs".

exercice de style 2

exercice de style 2

great vintage label for halloween vampires and bohemians favourite tipple Absinthe Label & Print - Adam Hill / Velcrosuit - Graphic Design & Illustration

La vache qui rit, Coca-Cola, Levi's - Hit n°29 de juin 1974. ……re pinned by Maurie Daboux ♪ ♪

La vache qui rit, Coca-Cola, Levi's - Hit de juin ……re pinned by Maurie Daboux ♪ ♪

guillaume chiron

guillaume chiron


Gallica - Champagne Scohyers de Dorlodot Reims / [affiche] / [non identifié]