36 Pins
a wooden plaque with an image of a hobbot door and trees on it
Wood Burnt Hobbit Hole Key Holder
a painting of a birch tree with leaves on it
Birch tree pyrography by Morgan Lansing Art
how to mix watercolor and pyrographicy in wood slices with text overlay
How To Add Watercolor onto a Woodburned Wood Slice
a hand holding a piece of wood that has been carved into the shape of a door
Hobbit Pyrography: “Great! Where Are We Going?”
two wooden shelfs with pipes attached to them
Barnboardstore | Toronto | Hamilton
three wooden shoes sitting on top of a table
Bring the warmest home atmosphere with the most wonderful DIY rustic wood candlesticks | My desired home
a wooden box with an artistic design on it
there is a tree in the window frame
DIY Framed Branches - Customizable Large Wall Decor Idea - The Unlikely Hostess
a wooden plate with a bird painted on it
Chickadee pyrography by Morgan Lansing Art
a black and white drawing of a winter scene