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the spanish text is written in red and white
Cosplay, Outfits, Rc Lens, Lenses, White Out Contacts, Pupil, Cool Contacts, Eye Lens Colour, Eye Contact
Unibling Colored Contacts, Eyewear: FDA Approved, Premium Comfort
the latin language is written in two languages, and it appears to be an english version
an open book with the words written in spanish and english on it, next to a chain
an image of a menu with the words in spanish and english, on top of it
⤿ ִׄ ﹡𝓐dicionais de conhecimento
a woman is holding a spoon in her hand and eating something out of a glass
yuna ︕ oops ☆
an image of a menu with the names of different foods and drinks in spanish on it
⤿ ִׄ ﹡𝓐dicionais de conhecimento
the menu for an event with black background
#shifting #dr #adicionais #afirmaçoes #afirmaçõesdr #script #portugues #brasil #claim #adicionais #beleza #shiftok Youtube, Study, Tokyo, Bbb, Manifesto, Idk
adicionais de beleza pt.1
adicionais de beleza para o seu script :) #shifting #dr #adicionais
Motivation, Glow, Quotes, Ego, Phrase, Self, Words
the spanish text is displayed in black and white
the back side of a black and white poster with words in spanish, english and french
Adicionais de "Alto confiança" para sua Dr
the back side of a green and white poster with words on it, in different languages