Punto algunos cuadrados de la abuelita y nunca reunir esa manta? Esta es una idea ingeniosa de usar de seguridad de los cuadrados de la abuelita y crear una organización de pieza fresca.

Crochet Wall Pockets by tree_bridge. What a fantastic, cute idea! Even the wooden knitting needles as the wooden hangers! I'm making this for my craft room!


motif Could be used for an afghan or done in lace weight for a tablecloth or bedspread

MARCOS DE GANCHILLO. Una idea muy original

MARCOS DE GANCHILLO (Los amigurumis)

Crochet over a picture frame. I loves this! I would use it for an embroidery hoop frame. Then stitch over.

Use baler twine, and strips of old t-shirt to make floor mats on a larger scale. Or some nicer material for place mats, hot pot holders, or table runners.

Weaving placemats or coasters with cardboard and yarn or embroidery floss. Great idea for small dollhouse rugs!

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos - Custom Made Day of the Dead Sugar Skull ornaments