argentina turismo

Project Idea Cut out photos that highlight the country's culture /history /people and put it in the shape of the country


One witty person had once declared that there are two kinds of travelers in the world – those who packed light and those who wished they had.

Paso Agua Negra | San Juan | Argentina

Paso Agua Negra , CATAMARCA//The Agua Negra Pass is a pass over the Andes mountains which connects Argentina and Chile . Paso de Agua Negra is located in Argentina

Barrio de San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Wander the streets of quaint San Telmo - The barrio of San Telmo exudes faded grandeur and bohemian spirit. This was one of the best experience while visiting Argentina.

El mate es argentino

Mate ( a type of herbal tea). I have several mate cups and straws from Argentina♥

Arte+: Norma Fontenla-José Neglia: el último ballet.

This statue was dedicated to the Argentine Ballet Co. who were killed in an airplane crash. The Statue is called "The Last Ballet"Arte+: Norma Fontenla-José Neglia: el último ballet.

Restos del Gral. Jose de San Martín BUENOS AIRES

Restos del Gral. Jose de San Martín BUENOS AIRES

Norte Argentino

The mission of Travel Vision Journeys is to offer high-quality, educational and dreamy photography workshops that celebrate the diversity of wildlife,

Twilight view of the Casa Rosada on Plaza de Mayo, City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, South America