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decorated cookies are sitting on a red plate
Royal Icing Recipe
How to Make Flying Reindeer Cookies by SemiSweetDesigns.com
three coupon book printables for christmas
FREE Christmas Coupon Book Printables for Mom and Dad
mom's christmas coupon book printable
four christmas movie tickets sitting on top of each other with snowman and santa clause
Free Printable – Holiday Coupon Template - Kim Becker {aka MommyKnows}
Christmas coupons for stockings: I think I will do "Santa Says" coupons for things like staying up extra 20 min, skipping chores that day, etc,
a christmas tree made out of food on top of a cutting board
Christmas tree with Brie cheese star.
an image of some cookies with icing and sprinkles on them in the shape of teddy bears
3 Christmas Cookie Recipes Using Cake Mixes
Cake Batter Cut Out Cookies from a Cake Mix. So much better than sugar cookies!
there are many different pictures with candy and cookies on the same plate as well as christmas treats
Christmas Treat Recipes
All the best Christmas treat recipes on one page!
four dolls are posed on top of a christmas tree with lights in front of them
2011 Adventures of Kelvin The Elf
This is HILARIOUS!! She has the funniest Shelf on the Elf ideas!! The Elf Planking one made me laugh so hard. Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas ever.