como hacer un stand para exhibir prendas

DIY Cheap and Easy Cardboard Necklace Display Tutorial and Pattern from Stella + Hodge here. Middle Photo: The original tutorial and pattern for this are from Home Jewelry Business Success Tips by Ren

Zapatero con botellas PET de 5 litros

Here’s another use for PET containers! Why not use them to store your shoes? A dab of clear silicone will hold them together for eternity - which is about as long as a PET bottle lasts in landfill!

Os explicamos paso a paso como hacer un binding muy fuerte y resistente para álbum de scrapbooking. El binding no solo resiste mucho peso sino que ademas tiene un bolsillo por cada pagina que se hace.

I'm in the middle of making 3 waterfall minis to put in my daughters scrapbook. These were really easy to make!

Macetas pintadas a mano, $40 en

15 diseños de macetas que te robarán el aliento


Casas que tienes que hacer si quieres que las Hadas vivan en tu jardín

Easy DIY Stone Veneer for Fairy Garden Houses Great idea adhere pebbles to water bottle cut to size?