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The free washcloth or dishcloth pattern is easy and quick. Even beginners can try it. Make it with 100% cotton for a durable dish rag. crochetdishcloth| crochetwashcloth |crochetdishclothpattern |crochetdishclothfreepattern |crochet
11 Crochet Blanket Free Pattern


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reversible bag The tutorial is here: verypurpleperson....
online sewing class for beginners

Needle and Thread

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a crochet purse with the text, free crochet cross bag pattern
How to Crochet a Retro Cross Bag – Free Pattern & Tutorial - CJ Design Blog
How to Crochet a Retro Cross Bag – Free Pattern & Tutorial - CJ Design Blog
crocheted coasters and yarn on a wooden table with scissors, needles and plant
How is it June 1st already??? Am I the only one who feels like this year is just flying by?? I’m trying out some variegated yarn for… | Instagram
two crocheted purses sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Sunburst Knot Bag Free Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial
four crocheted squares are arranged in different colors
Two-Colour Linen Stitch Square
Two-Colour Linen Stitch Square
two pictures of the same purse with different straps
Crochet Cross Body Bag Free Patterns
two crocheted grannys with yarn next to them
Solstice Crochet Granny Square Free Pattern
Crochet Solstice Granny Square Free Pattern - Crochet For You
two crocheted coasters sitting on top of a woven tablecloth covered floor
chitweed's Round Ripple Afghan Square
Great square. Easy, fast and fun to do. Perfect for swaps or a repeat for a whole afghan. I think using an accent color in the last round of sc of the ‘ripple’ rows really adds some pi...
balls of yarn and crochet are on the floor next to a granny hat
three crocheted grannys are sitting next to each other
18 Free granny square patterns, ranked on difficulty | Haak Maar Raak