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Transitions are changes and you want them to happen as smoothly as possible. Transitions can happen in the following circumstances of a story: Setting to settingCharacter to character (dialogue)Inner dialogue to action of storyOne time to another timeThere

Central Conflict of Your Novel | Now Novel

The central conflict of your novel can drive character development and help your novel have an engrossing pace. Read about story conflicts you might use.

Random Writing Tips (Book 1)

#5 in non-fiction Tip, quotes, advices about writing that I found inspiring. I hope they help everyone who reads this book :)) I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT OF THE POSTS. They belong to several websites and blogs. Credit goes to @MartaxSofia for making the new wonderful cover .. take a look at her work and her cover shop. :))

Writer's Edit on Twitter

“Love this quote by @jodipicoult... #WritingTips #AmWriting”

How To Start A Blog That Makes Money: Ultimate Guide

Wondering how to start a blog? Have you been thinking about blogging for a while, but haven't started yet? Here's the fast and easy way to start a blog!

Random Writing Tips (Book 2)

#3 in non-fiction. The first book is done at 200 parts and thanks to you it was pretty successful so I decided to go fo...

The Perfectionist's Guide to NaNoWriMo (Or How to Survive The First Draft Without Going Bald)

It's hard being a perfectionist writer. No joke. You all who fit the qualifications know what I mean. The urge to edit everything. The desire to make it right the first time. The need for every chapter, every scene, every word to be perfect. That doesn't fly come NaNo time. It's easy to read the rules and learn the guidelines. Easy to tell yourself "just write." And way, way easier said than done. After six years of NaNo and seven attempted novels, I've learned a few things about NaNo, first…

Mickey Spillane: On Selling Your Next Book

The first chapter sells the book. The last chapter sells the next book. — Mickey Spillane, detective novelist [Tweet “The first chapter sells the book. The last chapter sells the next book. —…

How to Be a Great Compelling Writer

If you’d like to be the kind of writer readers love to read, the kind of writer readers come back to again and again, then learn these 16 rules on how to be a great compelling writer. Keep le…

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