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Science journalism by Leonid Schneider, on research integrity and academic publishing in life sciences and bio-medicine. Cartoons mine (CC-BY-NC-ND)
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Science Humour, Art, Humour, Life Science, Humanoid Sketch, Humor, Art Forms, Academics, Science
Academic self-plagiarism: misconduct or a literary art form?
Greed, Life, Journalism, Research Projects, Human, Male Sketch
Collapse of Biotrachea, or how Macchiarini’s greed saved human lives
Open Data, Data, Priorities, Author, Experiments, Scientist
False priorities at EU2016NL: Mandate Open Data instead of Gold Open Access!
Hannover, Day L, Stem Cells, Emergency Care
Regenerating in Hannover, Part 1: how Macchiarini got ideas Health, Disease, Medicine, Research, Medical Journals, Authorship
Research “parasitism” and authorship rights
Bring It On, Proper, 3 Things, Channel
The 3rd editor and failure of ‘proper channels’
Wordpress, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Fatigue Syndrome, Syndrome, Chronic
Does The Lancet care about patients?
Faith, Healer, Cell, Bone Marrow
The stem cell faith healers, or magic inside your bone marrow
Obesity Epidemic, Ate Too Much, Best, Good Things
Chocolate is good for your funding
Doctor Approved, Kinds Of Diseases, Stem, Literature, The Cure
Stem cell cures for everything, Made in Germany by TICEBA
The laborious delivery of Markram’s brainchild
Quantum Mechanics, Schrödinger's Cat, Schrödinger, How To Apply
Manel Esteller, the Schrödinger cat of Barcelona
Thoughts, School
Olivier Voinnet case: correcting the uncorrectable
Books, New Books, École Polytechnique
Bruno Lemaitre on Science and Narcissism
Ecard Meme, Scientific, Zombie
Zombie Scientists
Nobel Prize, Tragedy
Helin Vakifahmetoglu and Nobel-prized autophagy research of Karolinska Scandal, Open Letter, Pierre
Macchiarini and the tracheal regeneration scandal, by Pierre Delaere
Cheaters, Protection
Does ERC help cheaters pay protection money?
Gothenburg, Sweden, Finding A House, Investigations, Olds, Engineering
Sumitran-Holgersson: misconduct and regenerative travesty in Sweden
Quip, Leader, Dishonest, Spanish, Recruitment
Does Spanish Research recruit its Leaders from PubPeer?
Peer Review, Reviews, Rejection, Empowerment, Frontier
Frontiers reviewer told: don’t be strict, endorse paper, reports Giulia Liberati
Dollar, Post, Paper
Post-publication peer review of a multimillion-dollar-heavy Nature paper
Friends, Surgeon, Trachea, German, Swedish, Paolo, Regenerative Medicine, Pills
Macchiarini’s German (ex-)friends: Jungebluth and Bader
Heidelberg, Apprentice, Secret, Student, Thesis
Hannover thesis investigation and secret Heidelberg research of Philipp Jungebluth
Diabetes, Genius, Cure Diabetes
Kathrin Maedler: persecuted genius or zombie scientist?
Peer, Adjunct Professor, Write To Me, Career Success, Cell Therapy
Claudia’s trachea
Voinnet retraction brings entire school of thought crashing down
Voinnet retraction brings entire school of thought crashing down
Technology, Development, Trials
Macchiarini, Birchall, Seifalian and EU-funded human experimenting
Invitations, History, Editor, Writing, Fear And Loathing, News
Fear and Loathing at Frontiers
Learning, Ethics, Aftermath
Voinnet aftermath: ethical bankruptcy of academic elites