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the back of a woman's shirt that says, behind each of us stands a family who molded from the girls we once were women to be today
Family Day T-Shirts???
several bracelets with different designs on them and tags that say aoi, care about juvenile arthritists and you
Philanthropy night project
a sign that is on the side of a newspaper with other newspapers around it and some type of writing
So in love with this
a group of women in red shirts are laying on the floor with their arms around each other
Alpha Omicron Pi at Auburn University #AlphaOmicronPi #AOII #recruitment #rush #sorority #Auburn
pink wooden signs with anchor and name on them in front of a building that says kate
could definitely do these with diamonds! Follow the diamonds to ADPi! Could be a great walkway
a red and white flag hanging on the wall
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Alpha Omicron Pi Nation Fraternity Flag 3' by WindyCityFraternity, $21.99
a cup with writing on it and the words what if you looked beyond the cup?
What if you looked beyond the cup? I think this is great. Greek life is so much more than the stereotype people think it is.
a woman standing in front of a brick wall with the words seven networking lessons being in a
Levo League: Pet Community - Second Home for Your Pets
Seven networking lessons being in a sorority teaches you
two neon colored hats with the words little and big written on them sitting next to each other
Levo League: Pet Community - Second Home for Your Pets
Lessons Learned from Being in a #Sorority: How the Big Sister-Little Sister Relationship Can Teach You How to Be a Mentor
four different types of books stacked on top of each other
#gogreek #sorority #life
there is a purple sign that says she is little but she is fierce
#Littlecrafts #sorority @Courtney Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Miller
the words faith hope and sisterhood in black on a blue background
Greek T-Shirts That Rock
the shirt design for this year's event is shown in blue and orange, with pink
Greek T-Shirts That Rock
an advertisement for a tank top that is being advertised on the front and back of it
Greek T-Shirts That Rock