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many blue umbrellas are set up on the grass in front of some trees and mountains Malaga, Sculptures, Christo And Jeanne Claude, Christo, Claude, Santa Monica, Christo Art, Public Art, Cristo
Nuovo progetto per Christo e Jeanne Claude, ma non tutti ne sono contenti
an aerial view of the ocean and land with pink flowers in the water, as seen from above Street Art, Florida, Miami Florida, Pink Island, Island, Ocean, Biscayne, Paisajes
The Surrounded Islands Of Christo And Jeanne-Claude - IGNANT
an island covered in pink paper floating on top of water Opera, Paris, Berlin, Environmental Art, Environmental Artist, Lake Iseo
15 straordinarie installazioni di Christo e Jeanne-Claude
an artist's rendering of a yellow path in the water Salvador Dali, Christo Floating Piers, Christo Artist, Monument
Le foto del ponte di Christo sul lago d'Iseo - Living Corriere
an island made out of pink paper floating in the water
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
an island is painted orange in the middle of the water, with trees on it Conceptual Art, Indonesia, Architecture, Fotografie, Kunst, Pier, Conceptual
an island covered in pink tarps floating on top of water Contemporary Art, Nature, Stonehenge, Landscape
The Surrounded Islands Of Christo And Jeanne-Claude - IGNANT
two drawings with different shapes and sizes of trees in the middle one is pink, the other is black Design, Collage, Illustrators, National Gallery Of Art, London Art Fair
Christo | Surrounded Islands, Project for Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida (1985) | Artsy
an older man standing on the edge of a body of water with mountains in the background
Christo: a life in pictures
a drawing of a long dock in the water with yellow and blue paint on it Inspiration, Landscape Architecture, Walk On Water, Architectural Sketch
christo to connect italy's lake iseo with floating golden fabric piers
a woman standing on top of a yellow floating dock Lagos, Italia, The New York Times, Richard Serra, Voyage
In viaggio sulle acque del lago d’Iseo con Christo “Sono vecchio, dovevo sbrigarmi per quest’opera”
two pictures with different colored lines on them and one has a dog standing in the water Chicago, Scape
the floating piers: christo's water walkway across lake iseo, italy nears completion
an artistic painting with orange and yellow lines on the ground next to trees, water and buildings
two pictures of yellow flags with buildings in the background New York City, Pastel, Art Gallery, Buy Art Online, Gallery
New In - Christo
a group of yellow flags sitting next to each other on top of a wall covered in writing Outdoor, Gate, Central, City, New York, Park
New In - Christo
there is a curved white structure in the desert Jeanne Claude, Instalation Art, Earth Art, Sculpture Installation, Giza, Outdoor Art
Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Remembering the Running Fence, at the Smithsonian American Art Museum | By Richard B. Woodward
an image of yellow flags in the park
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
a large group of people standing on an orange line in the middle of a body of water
Christo al lago d’Iseo, allarme maltempo: chiusa la passerella The Floating Piers |Webcam
two paintings one is yellow and the other is blue with a boat floating on it Art Exhibition, Exhibition, Structure Architecture, Environmental Art Projects
The Floating Piers
two pictures with yellow lines on the ground and in the middle one shows a road that has been painted to look like an orange line Projects, Grafik, Arquitetura
Gallery of Christo's Floating Piers Will Let You Walk on Water in Italy - 5
an image of a yellow line going across the water with buildings in the background and people walking on it
Land art d’autore. Christo e Celant (con Arup) al lavoro sul Lago di Iseo
an artistic drawing of yellow umbrellas in the grass with mountains in the back ground Studio, Art Museum, Landscapes
people walking down an alley with orange covering the ground on either side and in between
Addio a Christo l'artista di Land Art famoso per i suoi "impacchettamenti"
an island in the middle of water with yellow lines painted on it's sides
The Floating Piers - Picture gallery 19
an aerial view of a city and the water with yellow lines painted on it's sides Landscape Architecture Design, Paris In October, Linear Park
Passerella Christo: rischio chiusura per maltempo - Notizie -
an aerial view of the water and land with pink dots on it's surface Nature Art, Art Works, Big Art, Art Design
Christo and Jeanne-Claude