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three plastic containers with plants in them sitting on a wooden bench next to a fence
Make Your Own Organic Plant Fertilizer for FREE
Make Your Own Organic Plant Fertilizer for FREE: When thinking about plant fertilizer it is of course important to understand what a plant needs in order to survive and thrive. Without getting overly complicated (there are many articles out there there that go in depth into the nutritional needs o…
an info sheet describing the benefits of plant fertilizer
NATURAL PLANT FERTILIZERS with banana peel, rice water and other food scraps - The Little Shine
lettuce with the words, all natural insect repeller for your garden
All Natural Insect Repellent
Get rid of those pesky garden critters with this all natural bug repellent spray! This bug spray is safe for you and your plants without having to risk using any chemicals.
a fence that is in front of a house with a green yard and brick building behind it
Hang a gate from a T-post
a garden with the words how soon can you plant in a lasagna garden?
How Soon Can You Plant in a Lasagna Garden?
It takes approximately 6-12 months for a lasagna mulched garden to be ready for planting. The exact time depends on the type of materials used and the weather. All the materials need to break down before the bed can be planted. The garden bed is ready for planting when all the layers are decomposed enough that they aren't recognizable. Another tell-tale sign is that the bed smells and looks like fresh earth.
a garden filled with lots of green plants
How To Create A Magical Garden
7 Easy DIY Steps for a Magical Garden | B Vintage Style
an illustrated poster with flowers and plants on it's sides, including mountain views
Moon Garden | Witchy Gardening Tips