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Batman Hush by Jim Lee

this art here is one of Jim Lee's art for HUSH! Jim Lee's style of drawing's always so dynamic_it's always so fun and interesting co. BatmanHUSH_by JimLee

Ceratopsids - Walking with Dinosaurs

Styracosaurus Cow by Darren Horley and this dinosaur is classified as a "short-frilled" Centrosaurine!

Learn to breathe, roll,  and crawl- this article investigates why it is important and includes resources to educate yourself on the ins and outs of breathing, rolling, and crawling

Myofascial Chain: Deep Front Line. These diagrams have really opened my eyes up to how internal arts such as bagua zhang and xing yi Quan use the fascia.

Myofascial Chain: Lines of the Arm

Myofascial Chain: Lines of the Arm. The connection from the back / spine out to the arms illustrates how stretching awakens the tissue and allows energy to travel through this chain.