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a cow is being held by a woman in a black and white photo with two tags on it's ears
Save the Date Tag
Who could resist this face and this tag! What a way to announce your date for everyone to put on their calendars!
two pink tags that say save the date and one is for each other on a furry surface
Tag the Date Ranch Style
Cattle tags can be personalized for your announcements! You can do so many things for your special day! Contact Ear Tags by Design LTD to reflect you and your fiancee!
a notebook with the word cattle written on it next to a computer keyboard and mouse
The Farm Planner
The Farm Planner | The Show-Me Sisters
a poster with instructions on how to cut like a pro and what to do about it
Get Your Free Poster Download!
steers clipping poster
a close up of a goat with a tag on it's ear and head
Tag your livestock
Be unique, stand out and use Ear Tags by Design for your custom tags. #customtags #livestocktags #eartags
two white jugs sitting on top of a wooden bench
Bottle-raise a calf - Backwoods Home Magazine
Calves are best fed from nursing bottles. Here are two different kinds: one has a screw-on ring, the other a slip-on nipple.
two black and white cows standing next to each other in a fenced off area
Bottle-raise a calf - Backwoods Home Magazine
Bottle-raise a calf by Jackie Clay. Learn how to raise a calf in this article. Or just go through and look at all the adorable pictures! #JackieClay
a baby goat is being fed from a bottle with the words how to bottle feed a calf
How to Bottle Feed a Calf
Everything you need to know about how to bottle feed a calf List of supplies, a helpful video, and how to do it so you can feel confident raising a calf!
two cows standing next to each other in a field with the words what are the cow calling stages?
Cow Calving Stages - What to Expect When Your Cows Expecting - Boots & Hooves Homestead
What are the cow calving stages? What to expect when your cows expecting.
two framed pictures with buttons on them sitting next to each other in front of a wooden floor
5 Ways to Display Your Horse Show Ribbons - STABLE STYLE
horse show ribbon shadow boxes
an image of a piece of meat with eyes on it's face and the number 711 in front of it
Who Are You? - Life on Manitoulin
Explanation of cattle tags More
the diagram shows the different stages of an animal's neck, including its structures
Jackson County - University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences - UF/IFAS
injection sites: Source: Michigan State Extension
a close up of a horse's bridle with a chain on it
How to teach your calf to set-up
How to teach your calf to set-up
a woman holding up a wooden sign that says, this is my spot with a cow on it
This is my Sport
This is my Sport. Livestock quotes on a wooden sign. This sign can represent your stock show life, 4-H, or FFA exhibitor or when you won in showmanship. Showing cattle, heifers, steers or bulls is a wonderful experience.