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an advertisement for a valentine's day with a pig holding a heart shaped cookie
there is a cake decorated with flowers and cherries
もえさんの料理 アップルローズタルト あんまり素敵なので作らせて頂きました 着色料不使用です
an advertisement for a valentine's day with teddy bears and hearts
a person holding three red roses in front of a white brick wall with chinese writing
flowers and hearts on pink background for the chinese new year's greetings card
two people standing next to each other with balloons in the shape of hearts on red background
a cartoon character holding a heart shaped balloon in front of the numbers 50 and 60
Happy, L Love You
two hands holding each other in front of a sunset with birds flying over them and the words
an advertisement for the 50th anniversary celebration of ellen kee, founder of china's first social media company
there is a woman holding a large bouquet of pink roses in her hand with the number twenty nine on it
two pink hearts with chinese writing on them