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halloween math worksheets for students to practice numbers and place value in the classroom
Halloween Integers Worksheets
These 6 Halloween themed Integers Worksheets cover Absolute Value & Opposite Integers, Comparing & Ordering Integers, Adding & Subtracting Integers, Multiplying & Dividing Integers, and Order of Operations with Integers. There is also a Halloween Integer Riddle that uses adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers.
the subtracting numbers worksheet for students to practice subtracing in addition
Hands-On Integer Operations (Part 2: Subtracting Integers)
Blog Post: Teaching Integer Subtraction. Hands-on lesson and notebook idea
adding and subtracting numbers task cards for students to use in their math class
Additive Inverse Task Cards Digital and Printable
Adding and Subtracting Integers 7th Grade 7.NS.A.1
an addition and subtraction worksheet with two different numbers on the same page
Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing Integers Graphic Organizer
adding and subtracting integerss worksheet for the math station, with instructions
Adding and Subtracting Integers Stations Activity | Integers on a Number Line
FREE! These integers math stations are perfect to engage students in analyzing integers. Students will develop a deep understanding of adding and subtracting integers after completing these math stations.There are four math stations. Adding Integers with a Number Line: students will write integer problems given a problem modeled on a number line.
an interactive game bundle with text and pictures
Integer Game BUNDLE
Looking for an easy way to review Integers with your class? This is it! This Bundle has 2 Integer Review Games at an incredible Bundle Price. All the text boxes are editable so you can customize all the categories and questions for your class.
an image of math stations for students to practice their numbers and write them on paper
Integers Math Stations
This math station activity is intended to help students understand positive and negative numbers are used together to describe quantities having opposite values, understand rational numbers on a number line, and understand ordering and absolute value of rational numbers. Included are: -6 different Integer stations to engage students -Teacher facilitated activity for 60-90 minutes of classroom time -Stations include vocabulary, technology, practice and applications of integers -St...
a young man with fake mustaches on his face and the words multiplying positive & negative numbers made easy
Multiplying Positive and Negative Numbers | Indie Math Family | PBSMathClub
Integer unit videos for intermediates! Multiplying Positive and Negative Numbers | Made Easy | PBSMathClub
an adult coloring book with colorful squares and dots
Absolute Value 6th Grade Math Color by Number Print & Digital Math Activity
Students absolutely love to color! In this activity, students answer each absolute value problem (there are 20). Students will need to identify absolute value, compare absolute values and evaluate a few expressions. They will then find the solution number on the coloring page and color it with the color indicated in the box for that problem. $