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Bottle Cap SNAKE ☀CQ Been trying to thk of new things to do with all those caps I've collected.

Juegos infantiles

Cómo hacer un juego lanzabolas fácil

Are you looking for a fun game to play that will keep the kids busy? These Balloon Cup Shooters are awesome! And they will definitely keep the kiddos entertained for a few hours. All you need are plastic cups, balloons, duct tape and ping pong balls.

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Snowman Ball Sort

Imparare i colori con un gigantesco pupazzo di neve - Snowman Ball Sort: The perfect way to keep toddlers busy in the winter while encouraging color recognition!

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Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 48 Pics

Recycling : Plastic Bottle Baskets I like this idea for traveling. Bring some things for the car in upcycled plastic basket

Juegos infantiles

5 juegos infantiles caseros ¡al aire libre

Geniales Ideas para reciclar botellas de plastico

3 ideas geniales para reciclar botellas de plastico

Por suerte para tod@s (menos para los vendedores de mercromina), ahora los parques infantiles tienen suelos blanditos, plástico, cantos redondeados, esquinas protegidas.. Y esto, señoras y señores, es progresar adecuadamente. Aunque nuestros niños no lleguen a estar nunca tan 'curtidos' en batallas como nosotros.

Wondering what to do with your empty backyard? Try these 8 DIY outdoor play equipment ideas to turn your backyard into a fun playground for your kids! 7 DIY Outdoor Play Equipment Ideas for Your Backyard via /tipsaholic/

Box n balls

Make a wooden box with open tray at the bottom for balls to come out of

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15 Juegos que Puedes Hacer en Casa para Entretener a tus Peques

10 Uses For The Empty Formula Cans Sitting In Your Recycling Bin (fall crafts for kids googly eyes)