Beautiful crochet flower ♥ graph for crocheted flower

graph [ "Crochet Rose Diagram Simple and beautiful!", "Crochet Rose Diagram - love the lacy effect", "Crochet Rose Diagram - I really love this but I

Flower and leaf tutorial.

Triple Layer Flower

So beautiful crochet triple layer flower !Use these flowers decorate bags, cards, hats, a barrette or a pin ,make. The post The Perfect DIY Crochet Triple Layer Flower appeared first on The Perfect DIY.

Ponpons a forma di leone, panda e koala, con tanto di #istruzioni per la realizzazione

Top 10 Sheep Knitting Patterns

MaryJ Handmade: Zampa all'uncinetto / How to crochet a paw

In this video I& going to show you how to crochet a supercute paw! I& italian, so probably in this video I speak Ital-English, but I& try to be as un.

Princesa bella durmiente

Crochet princess appliqué - crochet pattern, DIY

C is for Cat: Crochet Cat Applique - Repeat Crafter Me

C is for Cat: Crochet Cat Applique

C is for Cat! Here is Day 3 of my 26 Days of Crochet Animal Alphabet Appliques! C is for Cat This friendly feline can be made in any colors you choose! How about an orange tabby or a white persian or a siamese?