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60 Gallon construction

I just finished my new 60 gallon terrerium that I have been building in my office at work. I just planted it a couple of weeks ago and have introduced the...

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 HECKEL, Common Name: Parrot Cichlid Aquarium Ideas, Aquarium Fish, Colorful Fish, Tropical Fish, Underwater Creatures, African Cichlids, Fish Tanks, Tortoises, Freshwater Fish

Hoplarchus psittacus. HECKEL, 1840. Common Name: Parrot Cichlid

Neochromis omnicaeruleus Ruti Island- Lake Victoria Cichlids Tropical Aquarium, Tropical Fish, Aquarium Fish, Victoria Lake, Aquarium Design, African Cichlids, Angel Fish, Freshwater Fish, Habitats

African Cichlids - AquariumNexus

You want to keep African Cichlids and want to learn how to care for them? On this page you will find various articles about African Cichlids care, habitat, water requirements, diseases, breeding, feeding, raising fry and more. Here you can also learn about different types of African Cichlids and their compatibility chart.

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Hoplarchus psittacus. HECKEL, 1840. Common Name: Parrot Cichlid