Cave of the Hands (Cueva de las Manos) is a serie of caves located in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. It is famous for the paintings of hands, that dates from to years ago. Several waves of people occupied the caves, and early artwork

Salinas Grandes ------- Salt Flats (Argentina) - We had such a great time taking photos here. Worth the long drive.

Vieja esquina en San Antonio de Areco, Argentina, by Fernando Rey been here.

Iguazu Falls on the Iguazu River, border of Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu National Park, Argentina. I went to Iguazu Falls but in the border of Paraguay and Brazil. It is beautiful

Bucket list to go back about 2-3 more times, with Balconies in the mix:  Tango in Buenos Aires Streets - ARGENTINA #Homeawayfromhome

argentinatangoshoes: “Dancing Tango in Buenos Aires streets~ Argentina Tango Shoes ~ ”

Puente del Inca, is a natural arch that forms a bridge over the Vacas River, a tributary of the Mendoza River. It is located in Mendoza Province, Argentina, near Las Cuevas. Puente del Inca is also the name of the nearby hot springs.

100 Incredible Views Out Of Airplane Windows

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina This site has 100 photos from airplanes of beautiful/interesting places on the planet.

Bells and whistles espresso machine - Argentina, Buenos Aires, San Telmo, café Dorrego