Bizcocho de manzana irlandés

30 Surprise-Inside Cakes - Imgur these look awesome but like a lot of work.... so hard to decide if something I will make...

30 Surprise-Inside Cakes

If you like the idea of the heart cake, but want something a little less formal, a poundcake is just as impressive! The technique behind it is completely different, using a heart shaped cookie cutter to get your surprise heart design.

Bocaditos marroc (caseros)

Bocaditos marroc (caseros)

Recipes for Bocadillos Marroc~ I remember eating them during my childhood. Perfect for chocolate and peanut butter lovers!

Nutellotti o galletas facilísimas de Nutella. Receta exprés con solo tres ingredientes

Nutellotti o galletas facilísimas de Nutella. Receta exprés con solo tres ingredientes

Sugar Paste, La Web, Soloing, Biscotti Cookies, Rica Rica, Ferrero Rocher, Leo, Macarons, Thermomix

Charlotte Royale (Swiss Roll Cake) | From

This beautiful Charlotte Royale cake recipe features slices of Swiss roll cake around a delicious vanilla-strawberry mousse filling!

Cuadrados de almendras y chocolate

Cuadrados de almendras y chocolate

Chocolate Cookies, Choco Chocolate, Meat Loaf, Cupcake Brownies, Low Carb Sweets, Tortilla, Muffin Cupcake, Dessert Drinks, Tea Time

Esta Tarta Cabsha es deliciosa! un bombón en forma de tarta. Ideal para todos los fanáticos del dulce de leche! El bombón Cabsha es un clásico en Argentina, una

Receta de tarta Cabsha de chocolate y dulce de leche. ¡Irresistible!


Chocoflán o tarta imposible, receta paso a paso

Cocoa flan - Chocolate cake batter on the bottom, plus flan batter on the top? Meet your new favorite dessert. Get the recipe at Scarletta Bakes.

Conitos rellenos de dulce de leche | Azúcar Chango

Receitas argentinas: Conitos de dulce de leche, para comemorar o Dia do Doce de…

Budin ingles de Doña Petrona

Para Navidad, el budín inglés de Doña Petrona