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°Navaho DreamCatcher by MariMagsha ~ Купить Ловец снов Навахо - коричневый, ловец снов, ловец сновидений, ловец снов оберег

°Navaho DreamCatcher by MariMagsha ~ Kupitь Lovec snov "Nаvаho" - koričnevый, lovec snov, lovec snovideniй, lovec snov obereg

lampara macrame

Chandelier, made with macramé knot lace of pure cotton string. Probably do this instead of the birch bark chandelier. This can be washed and will last longer too!

Make Beautiful Log Garden Planter

Make Beautiful Log Garden Planter. What a cool landscape design idea to turn logs into awesome garden planters! These wooden log planters look very original and enhance the overall beauty of your garden.