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Owls by

Small owls or a really big mushroom. Made with acryllics, black ink and chalk pastels.

【绘画素材】超漂亮的眼睛,作者一定是画眼睛的高手,总之是触爆了,小图就很高能,(つω`)~和墟源完全不是一个等级的战斗力啊。 插画手绘 手稿 素描 铅笔画

[Material] super nice painting eyes, it must be a master of the art of the eye, is a touch short burst, and a small figure very high energy, (zu ω `) ~ and the source would not be a fair level combat ah. Hand-drawn pencil sketch manuscript illustrator via

Spring Sketch by BenjiiBen on DeviantArt

A little sketch Drawn with pencils and edited a little in photoshop.