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Even without earth, sky, and sea,  My love would go on eternally;  Born on earth or in water,  I would seek your love forever;  If you were the great ocean,  As a fish, I’d fulfill my passion;  A lotus, myself a bee, then,  To live in your sweet pollen;  A little cave, I would be a lion  to haunt it hourly;  I’ll follow you wherever,  In every life, to be your partner.    -Sunthorn Phu (1786-1855)

Photography by John McDermott and Poetry by Sunthorn Phu


beautiful 7 DIY Outdoor Swings That'll Make Warm Nights Even Better. Is Just Stunning 1 - Cosy Wood Swing source Like the mix of old and new, tin roof, wouldn't do the swing tho, just giant cushy bench. 2 - Porch Swings with Ro.