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marielxhearts: “liquorinthefront: “darksilenceinsuburbia: “Ambivalently Yours There are two things that anonymous feminist artist Ambivalently Yours does really well: hand-written notes of.

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This is a powerful way of thinking about this (& perhaps helping men understand it better). Previous pinner commented: So when it's a man's fear, it's rational, but when it's a woman's fear, it's nothing to worry about.

Inspirational Quote: Right on Bill Nye!

attention anti-abortion folks, you just got Bill NYEnnihilated! Making science accessible even to the willfully ignorant. <<< I knew it wAS BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY

because that's not what it is.

Feminism is not misandry. word up! "don't allow men who hate women to define feminism as women who hate men"

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This is a common concept of men. Virginity seems to be so important in our society. For some reason, our society thinks that virginity is only for the man's sake and not the woman's

Cuando un hombre ve a una mujer con escote, le parece bien, pero cuando ve a una mujer amamantando, está mal. Si no es para su placer, está mal

the people are uncomfortable with sexuality that's not for male consumption. (sidenote: spanish class has taught me well) Más

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