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four different types of rice on spoons with words in spanish and english above them
Prop Prato com arroz | Gacha Club |
an image of a pink cell phone with hello kitty on the front and back side
a hello kitty notebook with a bow on the top and rainbow ribbon in the middle
﹟🍷 ҂ ࣪ ˖ 𝗦𝗖𝗛𝗢𝗢𝗟
an image of a fish bowl with goldfish in it
₊⊹ꦿ⃕𖣘̷̸༘͚ꪾꪾ⃛⃜꙰﹆ ༘αnιmαls ⸼۰ ۪۫ ː͡₊̣̇ ˑ ˑ ˑ🌌
a pink poodle cut out on a white background with the outline of it's head
an image of a bed with the word bed above it and a cat sleeping on top
Créditos: Yummichani
an image of a cell phone in the dark
an image of a cell phone with the message san francisco popshop on it's screen
an ice cream cone with a teddy bear on it's top and the bottom half has eyes closed
three pops with different types of ice cream on them
three tins with apples on them and the words daydream written in black
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