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Pentagon Yuto || Wallpaper

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Si no quieres que publiqué tu pin dímelo y lo borró/If you do not want me to publish your pin, tell me and delete it.
160317 #Taemin - 'School Attaem' at Sungshin Women's University #Shinee

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Is he wonwoo??😱


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❤❤ 이종석 Lee Jong Suk || one beautiful face ♡♡ that lips..
Lee Jong Suk ❤❤❤ W Two Worlds

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Cha EunWoo

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Park Hyungsik Fashion for Brand BANG BANG F/W 2016

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#Moonbin #Astro

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Rocky | Wiki Drama | Fandom powered by Wikia
#Rocky #Astro


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four pictures of the same person doing different things in front of each other with their hands
the young man is dressed in white and red striped shirt with his hands on his hips
#Moonbin #Astro
a man in a green jacket and white shirt
Astro Moonbin
a man with white hair and piercings on his ears
a young man holding up a camera to his face
My Binnie my son my angel for ever!
the poster for starlight is displayed in front of a black background with white lights
The 2nd ASTROAD "STARLIGHT" 2018 Individual Poster | Moon Bin
a young man sitting at a table with a cell phone in his hand and another person standing next to him
Is he wonwoo??😱
the young man is sitting down with his cell phone
a male in a white shirt and black tie is standing with his hands on his hips
the young man is making a heart with his hands