I ❤ embroidery . . .

I realized when I saw this that the buttonhole and blanket stitch are probable in my top 5 favorite embroidery stitches ad they are so simple but just look at this!


Embroidery Stitches, heavy chain stitch, never seen this one either! it reminds me of a peacock feather gorgeous!

embroidery ~~ and beads

DIY : Une boite ovale en broderie au ruban et cartonnage expliquée dans le magazine passion cartonnage et broderie n°3

silk ribbon and variagated thread embroidery with bead embellishments - /cindipape/embroidery-beading-embelishment/ BACK

Paisley doodles for embroidery

Clever Handmade - Embroidery Patterns - Rub Ons - Paisley: If you prefer free hand sewing but need a little guide then you will love these Embroidery Pattern Rub Ons from Clever Handmade. Sew directly onto them and take the credit for an

Fabric Textile Bracelet Wrist Cuff Embroidery Queen Annes Lace Hand Embroidery Wool $82

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Bordado Fantasia Pensamiento Jazmin

How to change direction to stitch 2 halves of a leaf with Satin Stitch. Stitch completed in one action. This way of working means you wont over-tension each row. The results feel very similar to working Stem Stitch and Outline Stitch, but vertically.