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a shirtless man sitting in a chair talking on a cell phone with pink flowers behind him
15 Divine Erotic Fantasies by James Bidgood
cockettes3 Hibiscus, Coven, New York City, Disco Biscuits, Mardi Gras, Tinsel, Club Kids, Macabre, Mardi Gras Costumes
May 2013 – alexscissors
two people dressed in costumes and holding fans
The Maximalist Hippies Who Brought Drag to the Mainstream
a painting of a naked woman holding a microphone in her right hand and sitting on a tree stump
Oh Yeah Pop
Oh Yeah Pop - ‘Pan’ & ‘Pan From Behind’, late 1960s - Ph. James...
an abstract painting of two people embracing each other in red and black colors, with one woman's face obscured by her hands
Wattpad readers, would you read my book if it delved into the complexities of mental instability?
an oil painting of two women with rings and bracelets on their arms, one holding the other
ᨳଓ on Twitter
a painting of a man with his back turned to the side and no shirt on
A Symphony of Horror
an oil painting of a man with his face close to the camera
a painting of two hands on top of a white sheet with brown spots in it
Metra Mitchell Summary — Sager Reeves Gallery
an oil painting of a woman's face with her hands on her chest
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two hands are holding a piece of fruit