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a white wall with the words tipico written in spanish on it and an image of a
Tipico utilizar vocabulario de… | Mis Fotos
an ostrich with long black hair standing on its back legs
Momos Shidos Alv :v - 5.
+#wattpad+#de-todo+Aquí+encontrará+todo+tipo+de+momos...+Así+que+sin+mas+ Gozalo+papuh+:v
Momos :v (Terminada) - :v
No puedo con esto xDxdDxXxxxx
a baby crying with the caption i got bored so i drew eyebrows on my daughter i have no regretss
27 Imágenes que necesitas ver si te gusta reírte
Nota mental: hacer esto con Martin ☝️
an image of a young man with black hair and white shirt in front of the caption
Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] 2! - #28
Leer Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] 2! - #28 - Wattpad
a comic strip with two people talking to each other
¡Cuánta razón! Era necesario plasmarlo en un cartel
Por cosas así es por lo que el matrimonio vale la pena
an image of the world's most famous sports teams and their names in different languages
La evolución de los países
Meme_otros - La evolución de los países
two refrigerators that are next to each other with the words electric love written on them
Electric Love
two rocks with flowers in their hands and the words you rock my world written on them
Charming Illustrations Reimagine the "True" Meanings of Words and Idioms
Graphic designer Sam Omo (aka DOWNSIGN) explores the meanings of words in his ongoing series of playful illustrations. Using a combination of idioms,
a cartoon character is floating in the water with a life preserver
PlayGround - Like. Share. Do.
¿Por qué nos gustan tanto los chistecillos absurdos?
a drawing of a coffee cup with the words t - shirt on it
Love this. I'm going to knit my tea cup a shirt now.