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an image of a man in armor texting on his phone and the caption reads, i'm moving tomorrow and the old black lady lives next to me just
just Memes post
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a young boy standing in front of a wall with text that reads, when the teacher walks up to you during exam and looks at your paper then shuts out guys please
a little boy playing in a fountain with water spraying from it's sides and the caption reads, i go out for a couple beers nothing crazy me at 4 am
two tweets on twitter with the caption'white people twitterr follow '
two texts that have been written to each other
the menu for an upcoming game, called select difficulty
Select Difficulty
an image of a white bird with black spots on it's face and the words, i've been having a rough week but then i remember sea bunnies and then feel better
tweets from the twitter app
a man is talking on his cell phone while standing in front of a bulletin board
two tweets on twitter with the caption'colorado springs police department is hoping for a peaceful night, but we are being told that protesters are now doing gas masks
the tweet is being posted to someone on their twitter account, and it looks like they are having an affair
19 Jokes With Punchlines That'll Surprise The Fuck Out Of You