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an empty room with wooden shelves and decorative objects on the floor, along with white walls
3d модели - скачать на
Rack 03 - Стеллаж - 3D модель
a close up view of the top of a wooden counter with white marble on it
WOW! Wave-S
Toonbank bekleed met de WOW-profielen Wave-S in themo es, afgewerkt met olie in bronstinten Project & foto: Jessy Van Durme / Piet-Albert Goethals
an office with tables, chairs and plants on the wall in front of large windows
Best Practice Architecture Designs a Color Rich Office for Healthcare App - Design Milk
Best Practice Architecture Designs a Color Rich Office for Healthcare App
people are sitting at the counter in an office
The 'Woke' Workplace: CBA Axle Building | IndesignLive
two people sitting at desks in an office with plants on the walls and windows
Suppose Design Office recreates Japanese engawa inside Slack's Tokyo outpost
an empty room with chairs and tables in front of large windows
A.N.D. | NOMURA Co.,Ltd.
an office with modern furniture and large windows in the background, including a long table surrounded by stools
Roar recreates slice of home for Takeda’s Dubai offices
Grüne Pflanzen und Glastrennwände im Büro - Raumplanung mit m3 Raumsysteme Dekorasyon, Work, Architecture Exterior, Arquitetura, Construction, Modern House Plans, Open Office
Grüne Pflanzen im Raum bieten Struktur im Raum.
an empty office with wooden partitions on the wall and carpeted flooring in front of it
Alibaba | sinato
Alibaba | sinato
an office with wooden slats on the wall and plants in potted planters
Workspaces - Archway
Workspaces - Kitchen A considered approach to contemporary, flexible and elevated shared workspaces. Designed & Delivered by Archway
a woman standing in front of a kitchen island with stools and counter top on it
David Jones and Country Road Group by Gray Puksand
a woman standing in the middle of a kitchen with lots of counter space and chairs
A Tour of David Jones + Country Road Group’s Melbourne Office
two women are sitting at tables in an office setting and one woman is walking down the hallway