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two pictures of colorful paper flowers hanging from strings
Spinning 3D Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids to Make
3D Spinning hot air balloon craft for kids using paper and a toilet paper roll! This art project is great for Spring or Summer time |
four handprint and footprints poem printables with the text, 40 plus free printable
Kid’s and Painting ~ Handprint and Footprint Poem Printable Bonanza
the process for making heart shaped cookies is shown
Salt Dough Footprint Heart
I want one of these every year from my start out they could hang on my tree!! :) Love that little guy!! <3
the collage has pictures of toys and crafts
21 Best Homemade Gifts for 3 Year Olds
These 21 homemade gifts for 3 year olds are full of fun - just like their recipient. Tons of festive gift ideas for kids to make a give.
ice cream is being made in the microwave
Ice Cream in a Bag Experiment
Super fun summer craft ideas--great for kids :) (tie dying, water activities, sidewalk chalk fun, and lots more!).
handprint valentine's day card with an image of a child holding a heart
Handprint Valentine's Day Card - Blowing Kiss Your Way
Handprint Valentine's Day Cards - Blowing Kisses Your Way - Happy-Go-Lucky
two young boys standing next to each other
Penguin unit - learning how penguins take care of eggs
the facebook page for mommy talk shows an image of a snowman
Huckleberry Life: Play Snow {Sensory Activity}
Play Snow {Sensory Activity} by Huckleberry Love: Huckleberry Life. Awesome idea!!
some cookies with marshmallows on them and red icing in the middle
Dracula's Dentures Recipe - The Girl Who Ate Everything
Dracula's Dentures - made from chocolate chip cookies, red frosting, and marshmallows. #halloween treat
an art project with red, white and blue sticks
Fireworks Craft for Kids Using Straws
Fireworks Craft for Kids Using Straws - Creative 4th of July craft #MemorialDay
paper plates with black string wrapped around them and a book on the table in front of them
Eric Carle The Very Busy Spider Halloween activity! After reading and discussing the story as well as learning about spiders, we"spun" webs. Hole punches in paper plates, black yarn for lacing, pipe cleaner spiders! The kids loved it! On the back I wrote, "----- was very busy spinning his/ her web" just like in the book. They're now all hanging from our classroom ceiling.
a jar of slime next to a green rubber hand
Summer Crafts for Kids
Being creative to keep my sanity: Summer Crafts for Kids