Pinturas impresionistas con creyones rotos. Desplegarlos sobre la tela y derretir con un secador de pelo.

9 Inspired Ways To Create Melted Crayon Art

If You Have A Lot Of Broken Crayons Lying Around, Make Some Impressionist Paintings. Ways To Create Melted Crayon Art

Instrucciones: Pegar tirros en varios sentidos sobre una tela. Rellenar cada espacio con un color diferente. Retirar tirros y listo!

fun kid art project idea - masking tape then paint in the lines. What I might do more - have 2 canvases, let the kid paint one any way, spray pain the other & do with lines.

Un joyero escondido detrás de un cuadro | 33 Ideas Brillantes para Apartamentos pequeños

Hidden Jewelry Holder - This is an awesome DIY project. All you need is a couple nails, some hinges a little bit of altering and a place to hang a pretty picture. I think it's a good idea, and a convenient way to hide your valuables.

Recicle corchos de vinos para hacer cuadros prácticos y útiles para su cocina u oficina

Decorating Empty Walls with Clutter and Creative Recycling Ideas

FOR MOM'S CORKS recycling clutter for modern wall decorating, recycled crafts for empty wall decor


Next time you open a bottle of wine, save the cork for this DIY project to make a heart shaped wine cork wall decor. It looks great hanging on the wall. Actually it makes a nice decoration on Valentine’s Day. Give it as a gift to someone you love or …

Obras minimalistas hechas por niños

A fun DIY that allows you to take "pieces" of your kids art projects to create a beautiful collage! So cute - love this idea! Auction- small piece from each student

Cuadros para habitaciones infantiles

spray paint your toy animals and stick in on a painted canvas. such a simple and cute idea! The kids could help make this art for the playroom.and we could use little happy meal toys (since I usually throw when away anyways!

Cuadros de crochet

k of these crocheted picture frames! Have you ever made a crocheted or knitted picture frame? Or covered one in yarn? I’m thinking it wou.

Con retazos de papeles locos (previamente hechos por ellos mismos) se recortan figuras y se pegan en un papel grande para crear una nueva obra de arte.

Kids Art Market: Warm and Cool color collages with Hundertwasser good lesson plan