Spirit and rain

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Kya Bennet

Fanimage : DeviousLittleWolf - 193

Quinn and Pon racing each other outside the village. I've been dying to do an image with Pon in it for a while but I haven't gotten around to it till now. Renders and Characters (c) Me Background (c) Dreamworks

You're my Little Treasure by Almairis on DeviantArt

De nuevo Spirit con su madre (se supone que se llama Esperanza, aunque me sigue sonando extraño) en una version menos chibi que la anterior, con mas din... You're my Little Treasure

c3rmen on Twitter

“To anyone who struggles drawing horses, the Spirit animation notes are solid gold. I wish I could find more animation notes like this.”

Strider's Herd by NakimiWolf on DeviantArt

Strider's herd! Esperanza with her friends mares The background is from Dreamworks. Follow me on : facebook ... Strider's Herd

would you bloom

like a wildflower, unsung, tragic lover. Disney, Don Bluth, Love & Gorgeous men flowers blooming about me my Disney shop my work my literature/animation blog list of tags/affiliates Asian. English...

Fanimage : QueenOfLions - Happy siblings

Tahoe and Thorn as foals playing and having fun. Thorn and Tahoe (C) Me Images used for background and rendering (C) Dreamworks

Fanimage : blackhorsebeth - Alma and Esperanza

Meh, I wanted to ^^ Blank lineart (c) Lionlover22

Revelations Page 2 by MichelleWalker on DeviantArt

Previous Page: [link] Next Page: [link] FRENCH TRANSLATION: Sorry that this page is so looong. I hope you guys can read it OK! (Remember, top-to-bottom,... Revelations Page 2

Adish: ref sheet by Cat-Bells on DeviantArt

BIO: Adish is skittish and unpredictable around humans. He was born on a horse breeding ranch which only selected bay Holsteiners. Because the owner dis... Adish: ref sheet

Fanimage : I'm-the-Dreamer - 104

Not much of a story line for this one. The horse on Dreamer's right is one of the Lakota horses from the film. Hope you like this! (: Dreamer and render (C) Me Original image, stallion and BG (C) Dreamworks