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a ceramic tile with an image of a fish and bubbles on it's surface
Mixed media vis
a sculpture of a wave on top of a rock with blue and white waves coming out of it
Contemporary Ceramic Art
http://UpCycle.Club UpCycle Art & Life presents the elusive Denise Romecki and his amazing ceramic sculpture ❥•*`*•❥ #HistoryProject ❥•*`*•❥ @upcycleclub
a painting of a turtle swimming in the ocean
Sea turtle silhouette
six silhouettes of cowboys on horseback and horses, each with their rider in the saddle
Ilustración de silueta de vaquero de diseño plano | Vector Gratis
Te gustaría que agregue una persona a la pintura??✴️ Art, Pintura Facial, Sailor Moon, Moon, Quick Saves
Te gusta está pintura?☺️
Me gusta pintar paisajes porque me da mucha tranquilidad!🌠